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Live the Roman Noble Life with the Costaguti Experience
5 October 2017

Live the History. Experience the Luxury. Conquer Rome in Complete Comfort.

We couldn’t be more delighted to announce the official launch of our newest project taking us into the luxury market: the Costaguti Experience.

For up to 14 guests, this home is nothing short of magical. A historical whirlwind of elegance and prestige, the home features an interior that marries original Baroque ceiling decoration and details with contemporary comfort, color, and flair. For small and large groups alike, the apartment offers 5 bedrooms to grant guests individual privacy while large, stately rooms with 8m (26ft) ceilings provide communal spaces for coming together. The entire experience is tied together with personalized service and attention to detail, a complimentary luxury transfer service to the apartment, and all the modern conveniences, like completely renovated baths and a tablet with cellular data for offsite navigating, to make the Roman experience flawless.


The origins of the home date back to the second half of the 16th century when the Costaguti family, wealthy bankers from northern Italy, moved to Rome. They were highly regarded members of society serving as the official Treasurers to the Pope. Their position close to the Papacy granted them the honor of Marchesi di Baldacchino, bestowed upon them by Pope Innocent X, which gave them the supremely high honor of hosting the Pope in their home – an honor privileged to just 6 families in all of Rome. The Baldacchino is a red, awning-like structure which indicated where the Pope would sit during these in-home receptions, and the original structure is still visible today in the offices adjacent to the Costaguti Experience.

Ceiling Fresco in the billiard room by Cavalier d'Arpino, "Arming Aeneas" (early 17th century)

Ceiling Fresco in the billiard room by Cavalier d’Arpino, “Arming Aeneas” (early 17th century)

The powerful presence of the family’s historical significance is overwhelmingly felt throughout the home. The family’s crest, 3 upward-pointing chevrons topped by 3 stars, can be seen in the ceiling fresco of the living room, antique furniture, and evening the dining table. Every door knob features a “C” emblem with a crown, the crown was another honor afforded to the family when given the honor of Marchesi – essentially elevating their status to princes.

The home remains in the possession of the family through direct inheritance. Today the Costaguti Experience, which features nearly 300 sq. m. (4,300 sq. ft.) makes up just 1/4th of the entire Piano Nobile, as it has since been subdivided into a handful of apartments and offices.

The Ceiling Frescoes

One of the particularly unique features of the Costaguti Experience are the 3 original 16th and 17th century museum-quality frescoes that adorn the ceilings in the living room, billiard room, and one of the bedrooms.

The Allegory of the Months and Virtues

The earliest fresco in the home, the Allegory of the Months and Virtues is a work from the second half of the 16th century signed by the famous Zuccari Brothers. The fresco wraps around the living room, illustrating each month of the year with a symbolic scene. Intermittently, personified figures representing virtues are depicted seated between the framed images of the months. At the far end on each side of the room, the Costaguti family crest is proudly presented as a crowned centerpiece.

The Arming of Aeneas

Looming over the grand billiard room at the entrance of the home, the Arming of Aeneas fresco from the first half of the 17th century is centered in the gilded-vaulted ceiling. The fresco is signed by Cavalier d’Arpino (Giuseppe Cesari), a well known art teacher of the time and credited as one of Caravaggio’s original masters. The scene depicts Aeneas just moments before he dons his armor to go off to war. Surrounded by deities – Mars, Diana, and his mother, Venus – he is given is sword and sheath. His mother holds his helmet, the final piece of armor he’ll wear.

Heavenly Scene

Almost unexpectedly, the smaller bedroom of the main floor features a stunning late 17th century ceiling fresco by famed French painter Nicola Poussin. The tranquil sky scene depicts several putti (flying angel babies) with doves around the marble roof capitals and vegetation.

The Apartment

The Costaguti Experience is located on the Piano Nobile (first floor above ground floor) of Palazzo Costaguti in Piazza Mattei, the heart of the Jewish neighborhood in Rome. The entire home makes up nearly 300 sq. m. (4,300 sq. ft.) on 2 floors. There are 5 spacious bedrooms and 5.5 baths (5 showers and 2 tubs), fully equipped eat-in kitchen, grand billiard room, and 70 sq. m. (760 sq. ft.) living room. There is air conditioning in all rooms, complimentary wifi, 65″ TV with Bose Sound Bar in the living room, a private sauna, and Italian billiard table. The apartment can comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests with 4 king or queen beds and 6 single beds. We have selected Ortigia luxury bath amenities for our guests to fully immerse in the Italian experience.

The layout of the apartment is quite comfortable for 2 families to comfortably share. On the main floor there are 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, while on the Mezzanine level there are 2 more bedrooms and 2 baths.

For a complete list of amenities in the apartment, have a look here

The Experience

The experience begins before our guests even step foot in Rome. Once a booking is confirmed, our guests are granted access to a reserved area of the website where they can indicate travel details as well as their preferences to personalize their stay. Our dedicated concierge takes pride in delivering a high level of service to meet the home’s level of prestige.

On the day of arrival, our guests are brought to the home by a complimentary luxury transfer from any of Rome’s airports or rail stations. They are greeted by the concierge and whisked to the first floor of the palazzo where a chilled glass of bubbly prosecco awaits to cheers the beginning of their stay in Rome. The concierge gives an in-depth tour of the home, providing further historical insight into the home’s past as well as the decorations and modern conveniences. He is able to provide dinner recommendations and make reservations, give directions, and organize any other experiences at check-in or any time during the stay. Additionally, a tablet is included with cellular data to provide the guests with a wireless connection when they venture outside the apartment.

Throughout the stay the concierge is constantly available to provide any assistance. Daily housekeeping keeps the home tidy, refreshing bath towels daily and sheets every three days (or upon request). A swift check-out is also included to ensure a hassle-free transfer to the guests’ next destination.

Costaguti Experience spacious Living Room with 8m (26 ft) high ceilings

Costaguti Experience spacious Living Room with 8m (26 ft) high ceilings


Reservations are taken by request directly through our dedicated website for the home, Here you’ll find more information about the amenities and services included with the home. For rates and availability, please contact our Concierge directly at

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