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Is it safe to visit Rome during the Coronavirus Outbreak?
Press Release
In the last few weeks, news about the Coronavirus outbreak in China and how it’s spreading, especially in South Korea, Iran and northern Italy, has made international headlines. We have been receiving a lot of questions from our guests about safety in Rome during this Coronavirus outbreak. To answer these questions and help others with […]
AP46 Trinity Opens its Doors Near Campo de’ Fiori
Press Release
A new ROMAC vacation rental is ready to open its doors in the Campo de’ Fiori area. The AP46 Trinity apartment is located on Via della Trinità dei Pellegrini, a quiet street that’s just steps from the Tiber River and the lively Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood. The Trinity apartment joins a number of other ROMAC […]
The New Margana Experience
Press Release
The Margana Experience is the second property to join the Rome Experience collection of luxury properties by ROMAC. Tucked away in Piazza Margana, just steps from Piazza Mattei where the Costaguti Experience is located, the Margana Experience features a private palazzo with room to accommodate up to 20 guests in nine bedrooms and eight baths, […]
Step inside one-of-a-kind homes with Rome Experience
Press Release
Two years ago we opened the doors to the Costaguti Experience, a noble palace tucked in Rome’s central Jewish neighborhood where modern comforts and luxury amenities are second only to the historical and artistic heritage of the home. About a year later, we began managing Margana Palace, located nearby in an even more secluded piazza […]
Pay Your Way on Rome’s Metro with Recycled Bottles
Press Release
In just 6 weeks the results of Rome’s latest sustainability effort – machines that recycle empty plastic bottles and return credit that can be used to pay your way on the metro – have broken every perceivable record. If you’re looking for a great way to recycle your water bottles during your stay in Rome, […]
A guide to the Public Parks in Rome [Map]
Press Release
It may come as a surprise to learn that Rome is considered one of the “greenest” cities in Europe, thanks to the presence of many expansive public parks. On any given summer day (or Sunday throughout the year), the a visit to one of Rome’s parks is a common idea among Romans and tourists alike. […]
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