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Indoor Fun for Kids in Rome this Winter
What to do in Winter
Visiting Rome in the winter can present challenges for kids who’d prefer to run around and explore the ancient landscape of the city. But Rome has plenty of fun and interesting indoor activities for kids and small children of all ages, escaping the chilly weather to exercise and play. Here’s a list of our favorite child-friendly places in Rome […]
Events during Ferragosto in Rome
Summer in Rome
You may have heard that Rome is deserted in August. It’s true. August is traditionally the hottest month in Rome which has made it the time many Romans escape the hot pavement for the sunny seaside or the cool air in the mountains. While many monuments and attractions remain open during Ferragosto in Rome, many […]
Celebrate the Fourth of July in Rome
Summer in Rome
If you’re an American visiting Rome the first week of July, it’s a particularly interesting city to celebrate the 4th of July. Modern Italians love the United States and if you say you’re American you’ll surely start a conversation about pop culture, politics, or any number of beautiful destinations in America. Additonally, the city is […]