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#Vatican Museums

Your Guide to Visiting the Vatican Museums
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So you’ve come all the way to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel and the incredible collections housed in the Vatican Museums? The Vatican Museums are no sprint, they’re a marathon. The complex is enormous with some of the world’s most impressive collections. The Sistine Chapel is located inside the Vatican Museums, so it is required […]
Avoiding Tourist Prices Infographic
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Curious if you’re paying tourist prices? Use our handy guide below for real prices vs. tourist prices for some of the most common items in Rome! Were you curious about the local prices vs. tourist prices for other items? Share your questions or comments below in the comments section!
Where to buy tickets to the Vatican and how to skip the queue
Art and Culture
All the information you need to avoid wasting time in line and make the most of your visit without stress. When meeting our guests they always tell me they want to visit the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum, but many do not know how and when to buy the tickets or book a guided tour. When researching more […]