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Tourist-free restaurants in Rome. The Monti District
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Whether for lunch or for dinner, you will rarely find a “tourist restaurant” in Monti. Located right in the historic center of Rome, in between via Nazionale and via Cavour you will find the Monti district, which today is probably the most fashionable district of Rome with its winding roads and bohemian artisan shops. It […]
Tourist-free restaurants in Rome. The Testaccio district
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How can you avoid the “Tourist Trap” Restaurants and taste the authentic Roman kitchen? Come to Testaccio and avoid ugly surprises! Tourists in Rome are often overwhelmed by the enormous number of bars, restaurants, Trattorias and Pizzerias. How can you distinguish between a “real” Roman Trattoria and a bad copy with those corny checkered table […]
ROMAC Restaurant Guide by Neighborhood
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Looking for that idyllic, hole-in-the-wall, non-tourist restaurant in Rome that’s a bona fide local treasure? Introducing the ROMAC Restaurant Guide. So many restaurants in the primest locations – overlooking the Spanish Steps, curb-side at the Pantheon, or shaded by the Colosseum’s massive shadow – are often hit-or-miss (and far more often miss, than hit). But don’t be […]