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Where to get a haircut in Rome
14 November 2019

Looking to get all gussied up for a night out or some holiday parties while you’re in Rome? Here’s our list of our favorite places to get our hair cut or blown out in Rome.

Useful words to know when getting a haircut or going to a salon

Before heading out to get a haircut or to the salon, you might find the glossary of terms helpful when you get there. In the center of Rome, generally hair stylists will be able to speak enough English to understand what you’re looking for. But if you’re brave enough to have your hair cut or colored in a foreign country, it’s probably a good idea to have a few basic words under your belt.

cut/haircut taglio (ta-lio)

blow out piega (pee-eh-gah)

color colore (co-lor-eh)

salon parrucchiere (pah-ru-kee-air-eh)

scissors forbici (for-bee-chee)

clippers clipper (klee-per)

barber barbiere (bar-bee-air-eh)

moustache baffi (bah-fee)

beard barba (bar-bah)

Women’s Salons in Rome

Here are several hair salons in Rome that specialize in women’s styles and cuts.

Noi Salon

Piazza del Popolo Piazza del Popolo 3

Prati Via Gian Giacomo Porro 16


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Bahr Gamax

Not just a hair and nail salon but the seemingly small shop extends deep into the back with a secret spa area for massages and relaxation.

Pantheon Piazza Rondanini 30



Campo de’ Fiori Piazza della Cancelleria, 70


Mod Salon

Piazza di Spagna Piazza di Spagna 60a


Men’s Barbers in Rome

Genco Roma

One of the oldest continuously running barbers in Rome, Genco Roma claims to even have been the place Caravaggio cut his hair hundreds of years ago.

Piazza Navona Via dei Portoghesi, 17


La Machete

10 locations in Rome: Check the nearest barber for you here


Contesta Rock Hair

5 locations in Rome: check the nearest barbere for you here


Black Rose

San Lorenzo Piazza dei Campani, 6

Aurelio Piazza Pio XI, 52


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Have you ever had your hair cut or styled in Rome? Share your experience and advice with us in the comments below!


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