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This summer Rome is Art-City!
6 July 2019

The city of Rome manages dozens of its most famous museums which this summer are all participating in an organic, city-wide cultural initiative: Art-City. The three-month long event (June – August) boasts special exhibitions and activities spread out all over the Italian capital and lazio, featuring interesting discussions on art, architecture, music, theater, dance, and literature. The majority of the activities take place in museums, archeological and cultural sites.+

What is Art-City?

The website is completely in Italian but is simple enough to browse even for a non-speaker. Art-City is organized into eight categories:

  • Art Evenings at Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Conversations in the Loggia at Palazzo Venezia
  • Lunar Modules
  • Theatre Stage
  • Etruscan Imagery
  • Light on Fortune
  • Sights and Sounds of the Mediterranean
  • Amphitheatre Cassino.

Castel Sant'Angelo, Museo Castel Sant'Angelo, Museum at Castel Sant'Angelo, World War I Exhibition

Art Evenings at Castel Sant’Angelo

Adults can enjoy nightly performances as part of Notti di Musica al Castello (Musical Nights at the Castle) featuring a repertoire of musical concerts. For families traveling with children there are selected dates for special visits focused on enlightening children and parents alike on a unique perspective of the history of Castel Sant’Angelo.

Location Castel Sant’Angelo | Calendar of Eevents Landing Page

Hours Thurs – Sunday 9am – midnight | Tickets €7,50 (adult), €2 (reduced)

Conversations in the Loggia at Palazzo Venezia

A series of 15 dates throughout the summer host discussions dedicated to themes on architecture, art, and literature. The conversations take place in the stunning Palazzo Venezia, which served as the home of Cardinals and Pope Pius IV, and then the Venetian Embassy to Rome.

Location Palazzo Venezia  | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Hours on days when the conversations take place, the palazzo is open from 8,30 – midnight | Tickets €10 (adult), €2 (reduced)

Lunar Modules

Lunar Modules is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic lunar landing. Taking place across the Lazio region in seven different sites the theme of the moon throughout history will be exhibited through different artistic mediums, including literature and poetry, science, theatre, and cinema.

Location Various sites across Lazio | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Tickets Free admission unless site requires ticket for entry

Theatre Stage

Performances in 23 “stages” across the Lazio region, both built and make-shift, in museums, noble residences, and religious sites. Theatre Stage activities run the gamut from classical to modern performances, religious to secular, offering a new way to discover the Lazio region and its incredible gems. Check the Calendar of Events for upcoming performances in all the various locations.

Location Various “stages” across the Lazio region | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Tickets Prices vary by performance

Visit the Etruscan burial mounds in la Banditaccia cemetery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Etruscan Imagery

Celebrating the first 15 years since Cerveteri and Tarquinia were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, special programs integrate musical and theatrical performances, themed visits and workshops.

Location Cerveteri and Tarquinia | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Tickets from €6 (adults)

Light on Fortune

Palestrina is a small town in Lazio, built on top of an ancient town of the same name. Following the success of past years, the museum hosts a series of cultural and historical performances that highlight the history and stories of the place. Central to many of the events is the Sanctuary of Fortune, built in 120BC was architecturally ahead of it’s time, representing the Imperial style that would eventually take over Rome.

Location National Archeological Museum of Palestrina | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Hours on days when there are performances entry to the sanctuary is open until 8,45 pm, the museum until 11,30 pm

*To facilitate accessibility there is a shuttle from the center of Palestrina to the museum

Sights and Sounds of the Mediterranean

Three ancient locations in south Lazio – Minturno, Formia, and Sperlonga – with a program dedicated to the words and sounds of the Mediterranean.

Location Minturno, Formia, and Sperlonga  | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Reservations required; send an email up to 24 hours prior to the performance. Include your first and last name, phone number, number of guests (max 4). Reservation is confirmed only after receiving a confirmation email. Tickets must be picked up by 8,30 pm the day of the performance or they will be offered to the public.

Anfiteatro Cassino

Add to your visit of this special place the unique experience of witnessing a performance on its ancient stage. Most well know for the Abbey at Monte Cassino and a deadly battle during WWII that resulted in significant losses for both Allied and German forces, Cassino has an ancient history whose story is told on the stage of its ancient Roman theatre.

Location Cassino | Calendar of Events Landing Page

Tickets €4 (adults)

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Are you planning to attend any Art-City events? Share your plans with us in the comments below!

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