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Welcoming Trastevere Apartment “Gianicolo” to the ROMAC Family!
Press Release
Our newest “Gianicolo” vacation rental in Trastevere offers visitors in Rome everything they’ll need to live like a real Roman for a few days. Multiple bedrooms for increased privacy? Check. Multiple baths for larger groups? Check. A spacious living room for relaxing and spending time together? Check. At the new Gianicolo apartment near Viale Trastevere, the […]
Rome Itinerary: Travel through all “3 Romes” in a Day
what to see
In its vast 2,000 year history, the city of Rome has been transformed over and over again. Three distinct historical periods make up what are known as the “3 Romes”: Ancient Rome, the Roman Renaissance, and the so-called Third Rome spearheaded by Mussolini in the first half of the 20th century. It would take a lifetime to see […]
Internazionali BNL di Tennis in Rome: May 10 – 21, 2017
Spring in Rome
Hosted on the clay courts of the historic Foro Italico in the northwest corner of Rome, Italy’s International Tennis Open is one of the most anticipated sports events in the city. Top international tennis players from all over the globe travel to the Eternal City for a chance to win the title. This year’s roster includes the world’s […]
Return to Rome: Our Loyal Guests Tell Us What Keeps Bringing Them Back
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We think Rome is pretty much the coolest city in the world, but don’t just take our word for it! Our loyal guests Agnethe and her husband, Jan, from Norway have returned to Rome for many years. Evidently, there is just something about this city that keeps them coming back for more: “We love Rome, and every […]
Rome Vacation Apartment Makeover: AP01 Giulia
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Past guests of our Via Giulia vacation rental will hardly recognize it after our recent apartment makeover. So what’s new? Well, how about a whole new bedroom; a larger, more functional open kitchen; loads of modern art; cooler colors that contrast with the warmth of the historic building; and updated furnishings that will make for a more comfortable stay for future guests. With […]
Vacation Apartment Highlight: AP02 Testaccio
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Sneak off for a weekend getaway to Rome and stay in Testaccio, one of the coolest hidden treasures of the city. What is now the Testaccio neighborhood in ancient Rome was a city port where huge pots of oil were dropped off from boats that transported them from the port at Ostia. Broken clay pots over the years collected […]