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A Roman Palace for the Whole Family: Margana Palace
29 June 2018

The center of Rome is full of roman palaces that were constructed as the illustrious residences of the society’s elite throughout the centuries. We can take a look at a small piece of the city in Piazza Margana, the site of the medieval noble home of the Margana family, and also the site of Palazzetto Albertoni, another ancient family with cardinals and politicians in the Campidoglio. It’s inside Palazzetto Albertoni that up to 24 family and friends can enjoy pure privacy, history, and comfort for a vacation unlike any other thanks to an accommodation unlike any other: the Margana Palace, by ROMAC.

ROMAC started managing both Margana I and Margana II in 2016, and while the two apartments are also available individually, combined they become a private vacation rental on multiple floors, with a single street entrance and two entrances from the interior stair hall for added privacy.

Tour the Margana Palace

Arriving in Piazza Margana is a step back in time, surrounded by medieval and renaissance buildings, a charming restaurant with outdoor seating, and several small, family-owned markets. Upon entering Palazzetto Albertoni through the main door, take the stairs to the first floor above ground level for Margana I or continue to the next level for Margana II. This stair case is private for the palazzo and reserved only for guests of the Margana apartments (or Margana Palace if both are rented together). There is no elevator in the building.

The two apartments feature a total of 9 bedrooms and 8 baths, 3 living spaces and 3 kitchens, and a private patio with ancient water feature and seating.

On the first level, there are 4 bedrooms (2 bedrooms with a queen-size bed, 1 bedroom with 2 single beds, and 1 bedroom with 1 single bed) plus a mezzanine with another queen-size bed. Each of the 3 baths in this apartment feature a standing shower cabin. At the entrance to the apartment is a comfortable living room with TV, sofa and dining table. Off the kitchen is a lovely private patio for al fresco dining.

On the second and third levels (both inside the second apartment), there are the remaining 4 bedrooms (3 bedrooms with a queen-size bed and 1 bedroom with 2 single beds). Four of the 5 baths feature a standing shower cabin and are ensuite to the bedrooms. One of the 2 kitchens in the apartment is in the master suite which also features a third small sitting area. The main kitchen in the apartment is located off the living room at the entrance to the apartment. An intimate terrace off the master suite looks onto the private patio below.

Margana Palace floorplan

Margana Palace floorplan

Margana Palace Photo and Video Gallery

Take a visual tour of the Margana Palace

See all the video tours of ROMAC apartments at our online mobile video gallery (optimized for mobile only).

Visiting Rome in a Big Group

We wrote a post on our blog with tips for planning a trip to Rome in a big group, including how to get around either with NCC (car with driver), or using Rome’s public transportation network of metro, trams and buses.

We also included tips for where to dine in big groups, considering most authentically Roman restaurants are quite small and taking large groups can be difficult for the kitchen to manage. Alternatively, an evening taking advantage of our Chef at Home service, a ROMAC  exclusive, is a unique way to experience a home-cooked meal in the comfort of your Margana Palace!

Have you visited Rome in a big group before? Share your experience in the comments below!



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