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ROMAC Restaurant Guide by Neighborhood
1 November 2016

Looking for that idyllic, hole-in-the-wall, non-tourist restaurant in Rome that’s a bona fide local treasure?
Introducing the ROMAC Restaurant Guide.

So many restaurants in the primest locations – overlooking the Spanish Steps, curb-side at the Pantheon, or shaded by the Colosseum’s massive shadow – are often hit-or-miss (and far more often miss, than hit). But don’t be discouraged, there are still plenty of monument-adjacent restaurants in Rome. As locals we love trying new restaurants and classics all over the city, so our ROMAC Restaurant Guide is the culmination of our favorite spots in each neighborhood.

So here’s are ROMAC Restaurant Guide featuring our favorite restaurants all over Rome, organized by neighborhood. Keep checking back as this list will grow as we try new places and update!


Restaurants near the Vatican
Vacation Rentals near the Vatican
Restaurants near Testaccio
Vacation Rentals near Testaccio

Restaurants near Termini Station
Vacation Rentals near Termini Station
Restaurants near the Spanish Steps
Vacation Rentals near the Spanish Steps
Restaurants near Monti
Vacation Rentals near Monti
Restaurants near Flaminio
Vacation Rentals near Flaminio

Restaurants Near Trastevere
Vacation Rentals near Trastevere
Personal Chef at Home Experience by ROMAC

Thirsty in Rome?

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Did we miss your favorite place in the city or is there an area of Rome you’d like us to write about? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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