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Pay Your Way on Rome’s Metro with Recycled Bottles
5 September 2019

In just 6 weeks the results of Rome’s latest sustainability effort – machines that recycle empty plastic bottles and return credit that can be used to pay your way on the metro – have broken every perceivable record. If you’re looking for a great way to recycle your water bottles during your stay in Rome, consider turning them into credit for the Metro!

Recycle your empty bottles for credit to Rome’s Metro

Over 350,000 bottles were recycled in this first period in just 3 metro stations where the machines are located: Cipro (Metro A), Piramide (Metro B), and San Giovanni (Metro C). Currently these are the only stations that have the machines, which are part of a 12-month test. Due to their popularity, don’t be surprised if you find a line at the machine.

How does it work?

In order to receive credit, you first need to download the MyCicero App which is a useful app for purchasing regular tickets for the metro or paying for parking in metered spots.

Once downloaded, you the machine needs to scan the code from the app to enter into your account. Now you may begin to feed bottles into the machine.

Bottles are placed in the machine one by one while the bar code is scanned to be accepted. Every bottle is worth €0,05. A single ride on the metro is €1,50, so every 30 recycled bottles equals a one-way ticket.

When you’ve finished loading your bottles, hit end and you’ll see the total added to your app immediately.

What bottles are accepted?

Please note that in order to be accepted by the machine, the bottles must meet the following requirements:

  • The bottle must be empty (no liquid left inside)
  • The bottle must have it’s label still attached (the machine needs to read the bar code)
  • The bottle must contain or be made of PET (the most common form of plastic)

Foto Carlo Lannutti/LaPresse / Roma: 18-09-2019 / Cronaca. / Atac, arriva tap&go e il viaggio diventa contactless

Pay your way with the new “Tap&Go” with your contactless bank card

If you are watching your plastic usage all together and don’t have any plastic bottles to recycle, the new “Tap&Go” feature is the new way to ride Rome’s metro easily and ticketless. The initiative promises to be available in all metro stations and regional trains by 2019 but are currently active in most main stations. Simply tap your bank card near the reader located at the top of the

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Have you recycled your bottles for metro credit or used the Tap&Go feature? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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