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Rome in November: What To Do and What To Expect
12 October 2019

Let’s be honest, there’s no bad time to visit Rome. Regardless of the weather, the Colosseum will still leave you in awe, the Trevi Fountain will still pour over the sparkling white marble, and the Spanish Steps will still provide for the most glamorous ascent or descent the city has to offer. But in terms of weather, November has it’s reputation for being a bit wet and getting chilly. But with minimal preparation, it’s easy to come prepared and enjoy your vacation nevertheless.

Weather in Rome in November

Rome’s November weather can be drastically different from its famous Octobers. November is when the cloud cover comes, the rain moves in and the chill inspires Romans to bust out the sweaters, scarves, and boots. While Romans tend to be more sensitive to this kind of weather, depending on where you’re coming from will depend on how prepared you are.

Temperatures typically range from 45°F (7°C) to 60°F (17°C) on good days. It rarely rains for days on end or even for an entire day, rather light showers throughout the day. So if you’re caught in a moment of downpour, duck into a shop or restaurant to wait it out. It’s a great excuse to sit down for a cappuccino or aperitivo for a few minutes.

Looking for an umbrella or jacket?

Despite your best intentions you forgot an umbrella that suddenly became a necessity, or you didn’t pack enough warm clothes? For an inexpensive umbrella (and perhaps some cheeky novelty gifts) check out any one of the many Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores that are scattered all over the historic center. Inevitably when the cloud cover comes, there will be plenty of street salesmen stocked with umbrellas. We advise not purchasing from them as the quality of the umbrellas isn’t worth the €5-10 they’ll ask you.

If you’re looking for a jacket, head to one of the main streets full of shops. We’ve written about where to go shopping in Rome before. Look for an H&M, Zara or OVS for quick, ready-to-wear solutions that will keep you toasty as the temperatures drop.

Stay Inside

November in Rome is a good time to be inside. Some of our favorite ways to escape the chill is to visit one of the lesser known museums and sites or stop in one of Rome’s luxury hotels for spot of tea!

Visit Palazzo Doria Pamphilj


November may be the best month to visit museums as a way to escape any inclement weather or cooler temperatures. Perennial museums like the Vatican Museums and the Capitoline Museums are always a good idea. Or use the excuse of staying inside to visit some of the lesser known museums and sites like Villa Medici, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, and Quirinal Palace.

If you’re looking for a list of upcoming events and shows, check out the comprehensive calendar put out by the expats at Wanted in Rome. Find everything from free concerts to poetry readings, upcoming exhibitions and live theatre.

High Tea at Babingtons Tea Room

High Tea in Rome

It’s true that Rome isn’t particularly known for it’s high tea culture, but that’s not to say that the city doesn’t have some world class high tea experiences available! Check out our post on High Tea in Rome to get the scoop on where to go!

Coffee Shop Culture

Looking for the nearest coffee shop to get some work done, dive into a good book, or just chat over a cappuccino? Coffee shop culture is a bit of a novelty in Rome (and Italy in general), but we put together a list of some of our favorite coffee shops and secret corners where you can get away for a cosy afternoon.

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Have you visited Rome in November? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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