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The New Ticket to the Colosseum Opens Even More Doors
18 December 2019

In November 2019, the entrance fee to the Colosseum increased from €12 to €16. The integrated ticket provides 24 hour access (previously it was valid for 2 days) to the entire archaeological park, which includes the Colosseum, the Roman Forums and the Palatine Hill. Starting January 1, 2020 a new ticket to the Colosseum will be available for €22 per person and valid for 2 days. The new ticket will also be valid for entry to several new sites, called SUPER sites. The SUPER sites represent 7 distinct, historical sites within the archaeological park and provide the FULL experience.

What are the SUPER Sites included in the Colosseum ticket?

The SUPER sites, an acronym for Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome, include Palatine Museum, House of Augustus, House of Livia, Aula Isiaca with the Loggia Mattei, Neronian Cryptoporticus, Santa Maria Antiqua, and Neronian Domus Transitoria.

Palatine Museum

The two-story Palatine Museum sits in the remains of Emporer Domitian’s Palace and houses artifacts discovered on the Palatine Hill. Some of the  artifacts that may be observed in the museum harken from the period of Augustus and Nero with exquisite restoration and reconstruction.

House of Augustus

The original palace of the Empire’s first Emporer, Augustus, the house sits atop the Palatine Hill. Surviving over 2 millenia, artworks in the home have been carefully restored so visitors can admire some of the world’s finest examples of interior decoration. Some of the rooms viewable include the “Room of the Masks,” that features colorful theatrical masks frescoed on the walls, and “Room of the Pine Festoons,” or pine wreaths that decorate the walls.

House of Livia

The House of Livia is a rich example of ancient Roman architecture and design from the 1st century BC. The house is attributed to Livia, the wife of the first Emporer Augustus, from an inscription found on a lead pipe in the reception room.

The Aula Isiaca with the Loggia Mattei

The Aula Isiaca was part of the House of Augustus from the 1st century BC meanwhile the adjacent Loggia Mattei is all that remains from the nobile palace acquired by the Mattei Family in the 16th century.

The Neronian Cryptoporticus

The Neronian Cryptoporticus was constructed during the Neronian age and extends 130 meters underground. The frescoed corridor features vegetable elements and cupids, a mosaic floor and small windows that illuminate the interior.

Santa Maria Antiqua – dicembre 2015, gennaio 2016

Santa Maria Antiqua

The Santa Maria Antiqua is a church located at the base of the Palatine Hill whose surviving walls feature frescoes dating from the 6th to 9th centuries. The paintings overlap each other, creating a “palimpsest” effect. The church was abandoned after an earthquake destroyed it in the year 847.

Neronian Domus Transitoria

The Pictorial Representations of the Domus Transitoria help reconstruct the extraordinary home Nero had built for himself on the Palatine Hill. The representations confirm the words of Suetonius who described the richness in which the home was decorated as being covered in gold and semiprecious stones.

Where can I purchase tickets to the Colosseum?

The new tickets to the Colosseum may be purchased through the same outlets that tickets could always be purchased: online through CoopCulture or at the entrance (though expect long lines). You can also purchase a Roma Pass which is valid for entrance to the Colosseum, however note that your Roma Pass entrance does not include access to the SUPER sites.

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Have you purchased one of the new Colosseum Full Experience tickets? Share your experience in the comments below.


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