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My 10 Favorite Things to Do in Rome
22 September 2014

Since moving to Rome a little over a year ago, I’ve made an effort to experience as much of the city as possible. There are so many different parts of Rome it’s hard to believe that they all exist in the same place!

But as we enter the part of the year when the weather is wonderful, the streets are a little less hectic, and the attitudes are getting in the holiday spirit, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things to do in Rome from the perspective of an expat!


Daphne: Those leaves, though.

1. Discover Bernini at Galleria Borghese

1 work: Apollo and Daphne. I can’t handle how beautiful the leaves on her fingers are. Can you believe they’re marble!?


Italy in any all-you-can-eat context is serious business.

2. Indulge at a good Roman Aperitivo

Super easy and super affordable. Pay €6-8 for a drink and enjoy the all-you-can-eat finger food buffet for free!


Carciofo (kar-cho-fo) alla Romana (left) vs. Carciofo alla giudia (right)

3. Compare Carciofo alla Romana vs. Carciofo alla Giudia

Ok so artichokes are very important in Roman cuisine, and there are principally two ways to prepare them: carciofo (kar-cho-fo) alla romana and carciofo alla giudia. The former is the traditional Roman dish and the latter is the Jewish adaptation. Carciofo alla romana is sauteed in a pan with oil and salted while carciofo alla judea is deep fried. Both are eaten as an antipasto to dinner. Among Romans and Jewish Romans there is a big divide to the best way to eat artichokes, much like feud between Roman and Napolitan style pizza. Try both and decide for yourself: do you like it soft or crispy?


Just hop off the metro at Cavour, and you’re in Monti! You’re welcome.

4. Stroll and Shop in Monti

Looking for a cute dress or some sweet threads but the prices on Via Condotti gave you  sticker shock? Check out the up-and-coming designers and their shops in the Monti neighborhood (around the Cavour metro stop). Also there are lots of great little restaurants and bars in the area to stop for lunch or an aperitivo.


Stay classy with a night at the Rome opera.

5. A Romantic evening with your Significant Other at the Opera in Rome!

Get seats in one of the boxes and enjoy a classical piece or a modern one – either way it’s an evening you’ll never forget!


Count the hills! (hint: there are 7)

6. Enjoy a Cocktail at Gianicolo

A stunning panorama at sunset overlooking the roofs and domes of the city is only matched by the refreshing taste of a pre-dinner prosecco that must come along with it.


Because eating dinner on a tram or a boat while watching Rome pass by makes for the perfect evening…

7. See Rome at Night: Take a Tiber River Cruise or Tram Jazz!

See Rome (and eat!) like never before. Either on an antique tram with live music and food or a large ferry boat that drifts along the ancient river or Rome. Check out their sites below and book your excursion!


Tiber River Cruise


You wouldn’t believe what’s under your feet unless you saw it with your own eyes!

8. Explore Subterranean Rome and Study the Layers of Rome

Everything is a little better with context, right? Rome is a collection of cities built on top of each other – taking a subterranean tour you can view all of them and understand better exactly what you’re seeing.


Porta Portese: a treasure hunter’s paradise!

9. Walk through Porta Portese market on Sunday morning!

Stroll through stands and sift through vintage finds, antique furniture, and ancient coins. Also if you’re looking for simple electronics or a unique fashion article, this is the place to go!


Nothing else says Rome like the Colosseum…

10. Take in the awe that is the Colosseum!

It may be touristy, but it’s still my favorite place in Rome. It’s an enormous accomplishment of antiquity that still bears witness to the power and prestige of the ancient Roman empire. No trip to Rome would be complete without it.

How many things on the list did you do? What’s your Top 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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