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It’s Time for an Aperitivo in Rome!
30 May 2014

There is nothing more relaxing than having an aperitivo in Rome during the sunset. What is an aperitivo? It’s the perfect fusion between an afternoon snack and dinner, accompanied by a glass of wine or a Spritz.

Monti Rome - Aperitivo in Rome

Monti – the coolest area in Rome

The aperitivo culture began in Turin with the invention of Vermouth (today known thanks to the famous “Martini”) but rapidly spread throughout all of Italy. It is definitely one of the things to do during your holiday if you would like to experience the authentic Roman lifestyle. You can choose a drink of your preference, although we recommend the Spritz (the aperitivo drink par excellence): a cocktail with a bitter aftertaste composed of Prosecco, Aperol, and sparkling mineral water. After long walks you will probably like to eat something. Don’t worry, you will have access to a buffet full of different typical Italian dishes, from Pasta to prosciutto, ham and salami, couscous, cheeses and fried canapés.

There are many places in Rome to have a great Aperitivo, but today I would like to introduce you to my favorite ones in the Monti district:

Casa Clementina, Via Clementina 9

Casa Clementina - Aperitivo in Rome

Casa Clementina – feel like at home!

Next to our Monti apartment you can find this bar that only Romans know.

It is an intimate and hidden place, furnished like a real home; where the seats are improvised barrels or pillows laying on the floor. You can taste a glass of vine (about 5€) or a cocktail (7€). If you would also like to eat there is an additional cost of 3€. You simply shouldn’t miss the tasty quiches!

2 periodico, Via Leonina 77

2Periodico in Via Leonina - Aperitivo in Rome

2Periodico in Via Leonina

A beautiful place to relax. I recommend arriving early, as sometimes it can be difficult to find a table – but this is normal, as it is one of the trendiest bars in the area. The aperitivo, around 8€, is very special: the salty food is served in the form of sweets, as if they were Sicilian Cannoli or sweet pastries. This bar can be found in the same street as the apartments Colosseo and Fori Imperiali.



Finnegan’s Irish Pub, Via Leonina 66

Just a few meters from the apartment Cavour you can find a more international ambience, perfect if you don’t want to miss your favorite team’s game even though you’re away from home. They offer a wide selection of beers (between 5 and 7€), and you can also play pool.

Blackmarket, Via Panisperna 101

Blackmarket - Aperitivo in Rome

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the Blackmarket Café

Great cocktails and great food in a pub furnished in a modern and elegant style. If you choose this option I recommend booking a table in advance. You can also stay after the aperitivo if you feel like enjoying an evening with live-music. Prices vary between 7 and 10€.




La piazzetta – the Square

Piazza Madonna dei Monti - Aperitivo in Rome

La Piazzetta – the heart of the Monti area

It’s not really a bar but instead the meeting point of teens and young people at Monti. The small square Madonna dei Monti is the heart of the scene, people sit around the fountain and have a cold beer and something to eat (bought in the supermarket on the square) on long summer nights. Without a doubt it’s one of the most economic choices or plan B if you didn’t manage to find a table in any of the recommended bars.

Don’t forget to mark a place on your map to take a break and have an aperitivo. As a girl from Spain I can assure you that this combination of food, wine and great company will make you understand why Italians are the creators of La Dolce Vita!

How to get there: You can take the Metro B and get off at the Cavour stop. Otherwise, busses 71 and 116 circle from the center to Monti.

Where to sleep: Holiday Apartments in Monti

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