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Finding a quiet corner in Rome: 10 Places to get work done
29 January 2018

Sometimes just what you need is a quiet corner to read a book, catch up on emails, get some work done, or reconnect with life back at home. The ingredients for this quiet corner are comfortable seating, free and functional wifi, outlets, and space. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite coffee shops and quiet corners in Rome for purposes of chilling, meeting with friends, good coffee, and getting a little work done on the side.

1. Arnold’s Coffee (Pantheon)

Address Via Giustiniani, 15b

Hours Open daily from 8am – 9pm


The closest thing you’ll get to an American coffee shop, even the prices will take you there! There’s two floors and outlets everywhere. The wifi is reliable, but when it gets really busy it tends to slow down. At Arnold’s you can hunker down with your computer, munch on bagel sandwiches, blueberry muffins and full-size American coffee, and get plenty of work done.

2. Feltrinelli Galleria Sordi (Via del Corso)

Address Galleria Alberto Sordi 33

Hours Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 9pm


Galleria Sordi is no match for the famous Galleria of Milan, but it’s still a beautiful, glass-covered mall at the foot of Via Tritone. Filled with shops, at the center of the galleria is the multi-storied Feltrinelli book store. Tucked away on the 3rd floor is a small, quiet caffè known only by the most avid of readers. Set away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the galleria and Via del Corso, it’s a calm space that’s super conducive to getting work done.

Barnum Cafè

Barnum Cafè

3. Barnum’s Cafè (Campo de’ Fiori)

Address Via del Pellegrino, 87

Hours Mon – Sat 9am – 2am, closed Sunday


The veritable expat hangout, Barnum’s Cafè is host to plenty of international students and professionals from all walks of life living and working in Rome. The small coffee shop is a great place to rub shoulders (literally) and network either over a great American coffee or an afternoon cocktail. It can get quite busy during peak meal times, and tables are often occupied for hours at a time (everyone’s got the same idea of the place). But it’s a great place to escape the chaos of Campo de’ Fiori for a period of time and catch up on work.

4. Tartarughe (Jewish Ghett0)

Address Piazza Mattei, 7/8

Hours Open daily from 8:30am – midnight


A pretty solid hybrid between an American coffee shop and a traditional Italian coffee bar, Tartarughe is open all day long for all meal points, with solid internet and a few small tables tucked away for someone looking for a mobile office for the day. Friendly staff are happy to bring coffee or wine all day long while you work away. Then take a break and go for a walk around the charming Jewish neighborhood just outside.

Coaster "Coffice"

Coaster “Coffice”

5. Coaster (Prati)

Address Via Caio Mario 14/B

Hours Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 8:30pm, Sat 9:30am – 1:30pm, closed Sunday


For the hardcore co-working afficionados, Coaster offers a dedicated co-working space that resembles a coffee shop. It’s a pay-for-your-time kind of place where all of the services available are included in the price of the €5/hour (€1/15 min after that), including basic printing, wifi, storage, bike parking, coffee and pastries.



6. Etablì (Piazza Navona)

Address Vicolo delle Vacche, 9

Hours Mon – Wed 7am – 1am, Thurs – Sat 7am – 2am, Sun 9am – 1am


When you’re not looking for a solid Sunday brunch or legit aperitivo, Etablì is a great, eclectic workspace off one of the main veins from Piazza Navona. The space is made up of several smaller rooms, so wifi can be spotty and phone reception might be sacrificed, but for those looking to disconnect and focus on work can find a comfortable place to do so. It’s central location makes it a convenient place to pop in for a few minutes to respond to a few emails and get a cappuccino or glass of wine.

7. Analemma (Monti/Colosseum)

Address Via Leonina, 77

Hours Open daily from 8am – 1am (Fri and Sat until 2am)


Analemma is one of the best kept secrets for freelancers and professionals in the Monti neighborhood of Rome. From the street, Analemma appears like any small coffee bar with a funky, Bohemian design. But it’s holding a big secret – after entering and walking to the end of the bar, swing left and enter a huge interior space. The dim, living room-like interior is super comfortable, and the staff is used to catering to patrons hunkering down for a few hours. As long as you consume, you’re free to stay as long as you like. Outlet’s aren’t plentiful but available, wifi is reliable, and there are plenty of quiet corners to occupy for hours on end.

Settembrini Libri e Cucina

Settembrini Libri e Cucina

8. Settembrini (Prati)

Address Via Luigi Settembrini, 19/27

Hours Open daily from 7am to 1:30am


The library-esque design and walls filled with books gives this place a comfy feeling that’s conducive to getting work done too. Setttembrini is also a wine bar and full restaurant which means after you’ve cleared your inbox you can close your computer and enjoy a full meal, too.

9. Faro – Luminaries of Coffee (Piazza Fiume)

Address Via Piave, 55

Hours Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 5pm, Sun 9am – 5pm


For the real coffee connoisseurs, Faro Rome is a mecca. The ever-changing coffee menu is highly selective from verified producers/roasters, and the baristas are super professional and serious about the coffee experience. Their specialty coffees are actually served in wine glasses, just an indication of how seriously they take the quality of the brew they serve. A mix of communal tables and individual tables separates the quick drinkers from those that plan to stay a while. While a few more outlets wouldn’t hurt, there are some and the wifi is reliable even when the place is bumping.

10. Eataly (Ostiense)

Address Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492

Hours Open daily from 9am – midnight


Located outside the walls of Rome but still easily reached by the metro (Piramide Stop), the Eataly in Rome is the largest in the world. Spanning 4 floors of retail space and dozens of permanent and pop-up restaurants, the Eataly in Rome is an experience in and of itself. It may seem odd that an Eataly exists in Italy, but the marketplace is a one-stop shop for the best quality, niche producers (for the most part) from all over Italy. It’s a great place to pick up vacuum sealed foods to bring back home or pick up the products you weren’t able to get during your vacation in Italy. The entire space is covered by reliable internet with plenty of places to take a seat and get some work done.

Looking for a place in Rome that’s great for working, too?

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Do you have a favorite working space in Rome that we missed in this list? Share with us your favorite quiet coffee shops in Rome in the comments below!

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