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where to eat

There is a huge variety of restaurants in Rome, open for lunch, dinner, aperitivo and, most importantly, for all tastes and all budgets.

In the historic center of Rome lots of typical Trattorias can be found which serve traditional Roman dishes, such as Tripe, Coda alla Vaccinara (oxtail stew), as well as all different kinds of Roman pasta dishes: Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana and many more.

Of course there are also many other restaurants that will satisfy specific desires. For those who don’t eat meat there are fantastic restaurants for vegetarians, as well as restaurants for the gluten-intolerant, and for pasta or fish lovers.

As you can see, choosing the right restaurant in Rome can be a real endeavour – that’s why we thought we should give you some recommendations that will help you during your stay in the capital.

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The food in Italy is famous all over the world – and what better place to taste all the different flavors and dishes than in its capital Rome.

From the birthplace of the Roman kitchen in Testaccio to the best pasta and pizza, we know the best places for every palate. Fancy some fish or the Roman specialty Saltimbocca? We’ll tell you where to find the best chefs.

For our celiac friends we’ll be happy to recommend some places that offer great alternatives to flour-based pizza and pasta, while keeping its amazing flavor. And what better way to conclude an evening out than with an artisanal Italian gelato (or ice-cream) – we’ll tell you where to find the best in Rome!




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