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A Roman Palace for the Whole Family: Margana Palace
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The center of Rome is full of roman palaces that were constructed as the illustrious residences of the society’s elite throughout the centuries. We can take a look at a small piece of the city in Piazza Margana, the site of the medieval noble home of the Margana family, and also the site of Palazzetto […]
Introducing the newest apartment in our family: AP21 Villa Borghese
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North of the historic center of Rome elegant and powerful palazzi line the street that winds uphill, connecting Piazza Barberini and Villa Borghese. This street, Via Veneto, is the heart of la Dolce Vita. Here some of Rome’s biggest and most loved historic hotels welcome guests from all over the world. Chic sidewalk cafès sit under […]
Vacation Apartment Highlight: AP17 Bernini Apartment
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If you’re visiting Rome with 9 of your closest family or friends, finding the right accommodation can be tricky. You could spring for 4-5 hotel rooms and share the lobby and other common spaces with other guests, or you could check in to a private home with space for everyone. Like the Bernini Apartment by ROMAC. […]
Don’t Forget to Pack these 12 for your Summer Vacation in Rome
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If you’re getting ready for a summer vacation in Rome, there are a few obvious things you’d pack for any trip: sunglasses, swim suit, passport, credit card, etc. But if you’ve never been to Italy before and you’re not sure what to expect when you get here, we came up with a list of 12 […]
Rome Tourist Tax: What is it, How much, and What it’s for
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Known as Tassa di Soggiorno in Italian, the Rome Tourist Tax is a charge paid upon check-out from any form of accommodation within city limits. All cities in Italy have some form of tourist tax that varies in price, so expect to see it on your bill while traveling around the boot. Here we’ll go over […]
April 25 in Rome celebrates Italy’s Liberation during WWII
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April 25 each year in Italy marks Italy’s Liberation Day from 23 years of fascist dictatorship and 5 years of war. It’s a national holiday observed all over the country. April in Rome tends to be sunny and warm, so most locals take the holiday as an opportunity to venture out for a picnic outside or […]