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The center of Rome stretches over several neighborhoods, each with a  different charm, style, and, of course, things to see and do. To help you navigate through the huge amount of restaurants, sights, bars, farmacies and anything else you may need during your stay we’ve created area guides for each neighborhood in the center of Rome – the Spanish Steps, Monti near the Colosseo, the Vatican area, Navona, Trastevere or Testaccio. For a central accommodation in Rome take a look at our vacation homes in the heart of Rome!

Take a Day Trip to Nemi this June for the Strawberry Festival
Tourist Guides
The small town of Nemi overlooks its own private volcanic lake of the same name. The architecture of the town dates back to the end of the Middle Ages to the Baroque, but the location has been significant for thousands of years as the home of one of Italy’s most important cults. Constructed around 300 […]
Michelangelo in Rome: Where to Find his Greatest Works [Map]
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10Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti was born in Tuscany in 1475 and died in Rome in 1564 at the age of 88. Considered among the greatest artists of all time, Michelangelo is perhaps the original “Renaissance Man,” exhibiting flexibility and genius among various artistic disciplines, including sculpture, painting, architecture and poetry. He is known for changing […]
Driving from Rome to Florence on the A1 Highway – Where to Stop Along the Way
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The highway that connects Rome to Florence – the A1 Autostrada – is a convenient ribbon of well-maintained, toll road. The full extent of the highway connects Milan with Naples, and hits Bologna, Florence, and Rome along the way. It’s the oldest European highway and the most important in Italy, also known as the Autostrada del Sole […]
Bella Napoli! Plan a Day Trip from Rome to Naples
Tourist Guides
Did you know that in just over an hour by train, you could be well on your way to visiting some of the world’s best museums, biting into some of the world’s best pizza, and diving into a cultural world unlike any other in Italy? Bella Napoli – Naples, as it’s known state-side – is […]
The Art of Italian Coffee [Infographic]
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The coffee bar culture in Italy is no myth: Italians are serious about their espresso. When you visit a bar anywhere in Italy, the menu is more or less the same. All drinks are based on the single espresso and mixed with water, steamed milk, milk foam, sugar, chocolate, and more. The names of drinks […]
Tips for Taking Trains from Rome around Italy
Tourist Guides
If you’re planning to travel around Italy, trains are generally the fastest and simplest way to get around…at least through the northern part of the country. The European rail systems are far more extant than those in the United States, and from Rome some of the most popular destinations can be reached in just a […]