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What to do in Winter

Rome in February: What To Do and What To Expect
What to do in Winter
Both January and February seem to be the wettest months in Rome, so when traveling to Rome in February it’s always advised to keep an umbrella and wet weather gear handy. But never mind the cloudy skies or chilly nights, Rome in February is still one of the romantic cities in Europe, setting the perfect […]
Rome in January: What To Do and What To Expect
What to do in Winter
Once the new year festivities are over and the Epiphany is passed (January 6) the city of Rome tends to feel very quiet since the tourists tend to leave the city during this time of year. You’ll find more the best rates at hotels and vacation rentals (check out our special offers!) and don’t be […]
5 Exhibits in Rome that are Not-To-Miss this Winter
what to do
Visiting Rome in the winter means a lot of things, among them: lightweight, puffy winter coats become the fashion norm; an umbrella becomes a purse staple; and it’s culturally acceptable to drink a cappuccino in the afternoon (on rainy or overcast days, anyway). Chillier days make for the best museum days to absorb the history […]
Rome in December: What To Do and What To Expect
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A winter holiday in Rome is always a good idea. Visiting the Eternal City just before the holidays is one of the magical things about visiting Europe this time of year. The streets are decorated with holiday decorations, shop windows are dressed to the nines, and there’s just nothing quite like settling in for an […]
Celebrating Carnival in Rome
What to do in Winter
The history of Carnival in Rome is a long one, rivaling the Venetian Carnival today. Carnival represents the 8-11 days or so leading up to Mardi Gras (Martedì Grasso in Italian, which this year takes place on March 5, 2019) and celebrated with period costumes (children these days dress up as contemporary cultural characters), parties, […]
A spot of tea on a brisk day: Afternoon Tea in Rome
What to do in Winter
Fancy a cup of tea to warm up in Rome this chilly season? Rome may not be known as a tea capital in Europe and tea time may not be as culturally important to the Romans, but sure enough you can find a good cup of tea if you know where to look. Many of […]
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