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5 Tips for Happy Kids in Rome
30 May 2017

What does it take to keep your kids happy in Rome?

The Eternal City can be a tiring place for little ones, whether it’s an itinerary that’s more adapted to the parents’ interests or the same tired accommodations that don’t offer the respite needed after a long day walking around the city. Fortunately we have a few tips that will help you while planning your vacation in Rome with your kids. From exciting sightseeing ideas to free playtime in some of Rome’s universally kid-friendly areas. And at the end of the day, there’s always gelato!

The Colosseum at night is a must-see for kids and parents alike!

The Colosseum at night is a must-see for kids and parents alike!

1. Storytelling at the monuments

The long history of the monuments in Rome, like the Colosseum, the forums, and the Pantheon can be interesting for visitors of all ages as long as it’s adapted. Guided tours that keep kids in mind are becoming more popular to keep their attentions and help parents enjoy their visit just as much. Walks in Rome offers many kids friendly tours and activities from a Vatican Treasure Hunt to pasta making classes. Giving kids (and adults too) some context to help them appreciate the history and long stories of the monuments is more likely to keep them attentive and happy.

2. Good balance of site-seeing and play time

All sight-seeing and no play make for cranky kids. Maintain a good balance of sight-seeing with play time; so after visiting the Colosseum and forums in the morning, head to Villa Borghese for a picnic, make a trip to the pool, or try any number of activities designed to keep children entertained. It also gives parents an opportunity to sit and down and relax a bit without working about the kids touching things in a museum or running off the path!

The living room at the Dolce Family Apartment

The living room at the Dolce Family Apartment

3. Accommodations designed for kids in Rome

Forget the same boring hotel room you’ll find in every city in the world. Turn your accommodation into your home during your stay, and ROMAC has the perfect apartment for you. The Dolce Family Apartment located around the corner from the Spanish Steps was designed from top to bottom for families traveling with kids of all ages. Two bedrooms, one with 2 sets of bunk beds (and a slide!) flank a spacious open kitchen/dining roome/living room space full of toys, movies, books, and games.

The apartment was realized with the help of one of the moms on our staff. Her and her two little girls came up with the playful design and knew which games, toys and puzzles were needed to fill up the shelves. They even made some of the art that hangs in the apartment! Take a virtual tour of the Dolce Family Apartment in the video below.

4. Night activities

The key to happy kids in Rome is treating the vacation like a vacation! Extend bedtime a little later to enjoy the city at night! Night tours and activities literally help you see Rome in a different light. Streets, buildings, and bridges are illuminated with an incandescent light that gives them such a timeless, suggestive appearance. Night tours of the Colosseum (even the subterranean portion) are available by booking ahead of time. Contact ROMAC for more information!

5. Gelato

At the end of the day, what kid won’t enjoy a good gelato break from time to time? Around nearly every corner in the historic center of Rome you’ll find an artisanal gelateria dishing up the frosty treat in cups or cones. Reward your kids for good behavior with some of the good stuff, and tell us which is your favorite. Or better yet, make up your own gelato tour and give us all the deets! One thing that’s universal: Ice cream is one sure way to keep kids happy!

Have you travelled with your kids in Rome? Share with us your advice and experience in the comments below!

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